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Marvel Month: Who We Want To See In Avengers 2

It's official, The Avengers 2 is hitting screens in May 2015. Joss Whedon is directing. It'll bring Earth's Mightiest Heroes together for a second time; comic-book geeks everywhere will wet their pants.

Whilst we haven't heard much on casting, we can hazard a guess that being a sequel, The Avengers 2 will want things to be bigger, badder and more awesome (if that's possible). So, with still a couple of years to go and little chance of looking stupid, we take a pop at who may or may not appearing alongside Iron Man, Thor, Capitan America and co. when The Avengers 2 hits screens in 2015.


To be played by: Andrew Garfield, obviously
Chances: Moderate

Maybe a little optimistic this one, but the chance is still there. An early draft of The Avengers was to include the Oscorp tower (last seen in last year's The Amazing Spider-man) so maybe we will be catching a glimpse of our friendly neighbourhood Spider-man by the time The Avengers 2 hits cinemas. If the thought was there to link the two together, maybe this isn't such a crazy sounding idea after all.

And let's be honest; it would be pretty kick ass seeing Andrew Garfield's awkward teen get ripped into by the razor sharp wit of Tony Stark (Robery Downey Jnr.).

Until then, we'll get our Spidey fix with The Amazing Spider-man 2 which is due out in cinemas on May 2nd 2014 and set to feature Jamie Foxx as Electro and Dale De Haan as Harry Osborn.


To be played by: Stephanie Szostak. Or Mila Kunis. She's great in anything
Chances: Moderate

Could we be about to see Janet van Dyne a.k.a the Wasp about to be introduced in Iron Man 3? Speculation that Stephanie Szostak (whom is billed pretty high in the credits for the film) will play a larger role than promotional footage has hinted at.

Of course, this is all just speculation. If we weren't to see Szostak become the Wasp in Iron Man 3, there is unfortunately a pretty slim chance the character would be around in time for The Avengers 2. It is more likely that she'll be introduced later on in Edgar Wright's Ant-Man given the two character's close relationship.

If I had to pick an actress, I'd go for the steamy Mila Kunis. Why? Why the hell not?


To be played by: Anthony Mackie
Chances: High

With Anthony Mackie (of The Hurt Locker and Gangster Squad fame) confirmed to appear as Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, could we see a reappearance in The Avengers 2?

No reason why not, seeing as Captain America and Falcon are two characters who went hand in hand throughout the 1970's and it might be a bit silly to introduce a new character such as Falcon, only to write him out again.

Personally, I think it'd be great to see some more lesser known superheroes get some screen-time in Marvel's up and coming films. Fingers crossed Falcon isn't a one-off character for Winter Soldier!

Black Panther

To be played by: Your guess is as good as mine
Chances: Slim

There was such a time when a standalone Black Panther movie looked to be moving along at a fair pace.

Prior to Comic-Con 2012, the rumour doing the round was that the King of Wakanda would be appearing in his own film in Summer 2014 but Marvel instead announced production of Guardians of the Galaxy.

As a result, we haven't heard a peep since then. His chances of making an appearance in The Avengers 2 seem slim given an already long list of new characters and a complicated back-story that would require an origin story.

Doctor Strange

To be played by: Viggo Mortensen, Patrick Dempsey, Christian Bale (the guesses just keep coming)
Chances: Slim

A character who is confirmed to be appearing in his own adventure during Marvel's third phase of films, is it possible we will see Doctor Strange make an appearance in The Avengers 2?

Again, it is unlikely given Marvel's other projects that are being worked on, but that doesn't mean we won't see some obscure nods of the head towards Doctor Strange. It is possible we could see him crop up in the post-credits scene from Ant-Man though...

The Wolverine

To be played by: Duh, Hugh Jackman of course
Chances: Slim to none

Okay, so this is just my imagination running away with me, but how cool would it be to have Hugh Jackman's Wolverine team up with (or maybe face off with?) Chris Hemsworth's Thor or Mark Ruffalo's Hulk?

Wolverine has had plenty of screen-time through three X-Men films and one crappy stand-alone adventure to establish his own story and character quirks so the general audience are familiar with who he is and how he works. Would it really be that hard to shoehorn him in to The Avengers universe?

Well yes, because the X-Men films and The Avengers films are in no-way linked; events that have taken place in X-Men 3: The Last Stand aren't connected with anything that has happened in Iron Man 2 and visa versa. It would take some mega-complicated explaining to justify his appearance in The Avengers 2. And let's face it, the X-Men films are already pretty contradictory and overlapping.

Still, I'd like to see it happen. Maybe the plot would involve wormholes or some shit. Yeah, that might work. Right?

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