Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Thumbs and Ammo

"I will find you and I will give you a thumbs up"
Every now and again the Internet throws up something that is so brilliant it just has to be shared. Last month, I linked a whole host of images of superheroes emblazoned with product placement (my post is here whilst the original Benhance.net account is here.

This month however, a feature on Empire.com pointed me in the direction of a great blog that I also wanted to pass on; Thumbs and Ammo

Many casual movie-goers often complain that films can be too violent and that they glamorize guns. Well, Thumbs and Ammo go some way to setting the record straight with this ingenious idea; take a film still and Photoshop a great big thumbs up in place of the gun. I've included some of my favourites from the blog below...

*Unless it wasn't clear, I don't profess to owning any of these images. They have all been conceived of and
produced by various users and originate from the Thumbs and Ammo Blogspot. All kudos and credit should go to them, I'm just passing it on!

If you have a favourite then let me know in the comments section below!

Batman gives his seal of approval

"Ever jumped through the air whilst firing two guns?"
"I'll be back - with a thumbs up"
See, even Wookies have thumbs
Ripley gets in on the action
Bond trades his trademark Walther PPK for a thumbs up
Ethan Hunt is A-OK
Pulp Fiction - the pacifist edition
Bruce Willis shows off his positive can-do attitude in Looper...
And a second time in Die Hard 3: With A Vengence
Tom Hardy aims down the sights of his thumb
Somebody stop me! 
The Joker has caused some real havoc with that thumb of his

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