Friday, 1 November 2013

Introducing Whovember (Doctor Who Month)

This month sees one of British TV's hallmark television shows reach a special landmark; on November 23rd, Doctor Who has been on our screens for 50 years. For 50 years, Doctor Who has entertained and enthralled audiences across the world, becoming a cult phenomenon in dozens of countries from native Britain to the United States and here in Australia.

In order to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, I'll be writing a series of features and opinion pieces on different aspects of the show. I'll be writing a 'Top Five Episodes' feature for each of the nu-Who Doctors (that is, Ecclestone, Tennant and Smith) as well as feature on what I'd like to see for Peter Capaldi's 12th Doctor.

That's not everything though so be sure to subscribe and keep up to date with all the goings on. Expect to see a full review of the 50th Anniversary Special right here following on from the episode airing on November 23rd.

Film fans, don't worry, I'll still be delivering my usual regular film reviews and features; Voice of Reason, 60 Second Film Reviews and Rank the Films.

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