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Attack of the Sequels! Blogathon (My Picks)

Yesterday I kicked off my Attack of the Sequels! blogathon, calling on all fellow movie bloggers to pitch up to five movie sequels they want to see. If you want to take part, check out blogathon rules here!

Anyway, here are my picks for five movie sequels I want to see - check them out and let me know what you think!

The closing date for this blogathon is August 7th, so if you want to submit an entry drop it into the comments section of either this post or yesterdays and I'll collate them into one big 'ol post afterwards! Thanks in advance!

Honourable mentions: Need for Speed (2014), John Carter (2012), I Am Legend (2007), Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (2008), Jack Reacher (2012)

Dredd (2012)

No surprise this one is on here - if you haven't seen a blog, column or forum petitioning for a Dredd sequel, you've probably never been on the Internet before.

The 2012 reboot of Judge Dredd was a surprising critical smash, as audiences revelled in the creative decision to approach the film with an MA15+ certificate in mind. There was no watered down Robocop/Die Hard approach to be taken with Dredd, as the film made the most of the its crumbling dystopic future and crammed plenty of blood and guts into the short and sweet 90-minute runtime.

Better still was the decision to do away with the tired origin story narrative and simply show a day-in-the-life of Judge Dredd. Here, we see the titular character (Karl Urban) and a new rookie (Olivia Thirlby) head into a gang-run tower block and combat the distribution of a dangerous new drug called Slo-Mo. Stripped back, close to the knuckle - this movie had everything.

However, the film failed to attract audiences in a summer season already bursting with comic-book adaptations, from The Avengers to The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-man. It flew under the radar, failing to make enough money to convince the studio to sign-off on a sequel. 

While it is something fans of the series dread (heh) to speak of, the fact of the matter is that the film failed to gel with a wide audience. The film has garnered a cult following on DVD since its release, but the likelihood of Karl Urban ever donning the iconic helmet once more seems increasingly slim.

That being said, I'd love to see it happen. If there is one film from the last few years that deserves a sequel however, its Dredd. Another gritty and blood-filled foray into the grimy Mega City One is more than welcome in my mind, and I for one hope it finds a footing on Kickstarter, much like Veronica Mars did.

Serenity (2005)

Ahh, 'Firefly'. Is there an undue TV cancellation as notorious as this one?

Back in 2005, after Fox decided to go in for the kill and cut the show all together, Joss Whedon found a way to resurrect the much-loved sci-fi Western for one last ride aboard the Serenity. Fans were chomping at the bit to see a conclusion of the show, with Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) and the crew horribly cut down in their prime by a villain they can't directly battle - Fox TV execs.

The end result was a rip-roaring send-off for the show, that worked as both a satisfying conclusion, and a pretty decent standalone film in itself. It wasn't perfect however, as the whole thing was sadly tinged with the thought that when the credits rolled, we wouldn't see the characters continue on beyond that point (at least, not on-screen).

With a wide-ranging galaxy to explore and all-manner of wacky characters to recruit, the Serenity universe would easily be able to conjure a narrative for a sequel - the only stumbling block is the intervening 10 years in which the cast and crew have moved on to other things - Joss Whedon is now tied up with helping orchestrate Marvel's Avengers whilst Nathan Fillion has finally found TV stability on 'Castle'. But c'mon, a reunion between Mal, Zoe, River and co? Who doesn't want to see that?

Unfortunately for a world of die-hard Browncoats, the potential for a Serenity sequel seems to be all but impossible. But hey, at least there are some half-decent comic-books to soak up...


Green Lantern (2011)

Popular YouTube series Screen Junkies recently joked that it was 'cute' when the ending to 2011's Green Lantern teased a sequel when the movie itself was a hunk of crap. And yeah, that last part is kinda true. In the immortal words of Bart Simpson, "I didn't think it was physically possible, but this both sucks and blows." But c'mon - Sinestro! SINESTRO! Don't leave me hanging bro! Nooooo!

Okay, let's be straight here - Green Lantern was definitely not the best superhero movie that year. Hell, it wasn't even the best superhero movie that month (easily squashed by X-Men: First Class, just so ya know) but it had it's redeeming qualities.

Hey, stop laughing, it totally did. I mean...that bit with the thing is cool. You know...the thing? Ahem.

For a sequel, the most important thing would be to get rid of the damp sponge that is Ryan Reynolds (bit harsh, soz) and introduce a new 'Green Lantern' - Idris Elba as John Stewart, just saying - and swiftly dispense of Blake Not-So-Lively (totally justified). Replace her with...well, anyone to be honest. 

Also, tie it in with Man of Steel/Dawn of Justice somehow. Just 'pull a JJ' and make it a parallel universe or something. Wait...this is starting to sound an awful lot like a reboot rather than just a sequel? So long as Mark Strong stays as Sinestro (Ah-ha! See, a redeeming quality), we'll be fine. The audience won't even notice the difference.

Will they?

The Lone Ranger (2013)

Whoa there, put down your pitchforks. I know what you're thinking - The Lone Ranger? Seriously? Yeah, but let me explain.

Last year's Lone Ranger movie, which starred Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp, was actually pretty decent. It may have bombed harder than a fat kid at the swimming pool, and been widely panned by critics, but heck I liked it. I liked the goofy humour, the over-the-top action sequences and the fact it knew what it was - nothing more than a silly summer bonanza (pun intended). I mean come on, you have to smiled even a little bit when that iconic theme music kicked in.

It was far from perfect, but certainly not worth the complete shredding it received from critics. I mean come on - that sequence on the train?! Goofy as hell, but awesome all the same!

A sequel would work better purely because the bloated origin story is out of the way - the next film would be able to cut to the chase and see The Lone Ranger doing what he does best right from the off. All swashbuckling, six-shooters and hi-ho Silvers. Trim down the run-time, keep the zany action and family humour. Done and dusted. Maybe a little less of Johnny Depp this time though...

Also, I reckon it needs a sequel purely so it can be titled something cool like "The Lone Ranger Rides Again" or "The Lone Ranger Returns". Although, I get the feeling I might be on my own with this one. Guys?

Anyone still here?

So, there are my picks for sequels I want to see. What movies would you love to see get a sequel? Submit an entry to this blogathon to let me know! 


  1. Yeah, definitely wouldn't be opposed to sequels of several of these. Loved Dredd, and really enjoyed Need For Speed, so I could definitely see sequels for those. But I actually didn't mind Green Lantern, and would be all for a sequel, even if it had nothing to do with the rest of the DC Universe being established now. In fact, of all these listed, I'd say it's probably the one that could definitely use a sequel the most, as the rest are honestly perfectly fine as standalones.

    1. Good point - maybe trying to fit everything into one universe just gets too complicated sometimes? There a lot to be said for standalone superhero movies nowadays. Thanks for commenting Chris! :)

  2. I would really like ti see a Dredd sequel. Good call there. I'd like to see a Green Lantern reboot more than a sequel, though I honestly didn't think Ryan Reynolds was that bad. The Lone Ranger could stand a reboot,

    1. Yeah, such as shame the Lone Ranger didn't hit it off with audiences. It deserved better! Thanks for commenting Wendell :)

  3. I love your list! Here's mine, and thanks again for hosting :)
    - Allie

    1. Awesome! I'll head on over and check it out now Allie :)



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