Thursday, 12 November 2015

Top 5: Bond Villains

Where would James Bond be if it weren't for demented, maniacal villains and their hair-brained schemes of world domination? 

Quietly chilling on a beach in Jamaica with his own personal harem of bikini-clad ladies most likely, but that's by the by. What I'm trying to say is, the Bond series is loaded with iconic and memorable foes for 007 to lock horns with, from Blofeld, the cat-stroking head of Spectre, to Silva, the floppy-haired ex-agent with a vendetta against MI6.

To round out our string of Bond themed posts in the lead-up to Spectre (in cinemas across Australia today!), the Hooked on Film crew - Zach, Tom, Kit, Corey and myself - sat down to compile a list of our favourite Bond enemies across the last 50 years.

Did your personal favourite make the cut? Click here to find out! And, be sure to check back soon - I'll have my own personal thoughts on 007's latest outing in a full length review this Sunday! Thanks for reading.

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