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Reviewing new release films form the backbone of every good movie blog - that much is obvious. I try and review most new release films, or at least every big release (not every indie/small release will open in a cinema near me). 

You'll find new release film reviews posted three-five times a month, generally on the weekend of release here in Australia. Click below to view my full archive of movie reviews

Rank the Films

This blog has a simple appreciation of straight-up lists. Nothing beats a good, conclusive list (well, semi-conclusive). This is the thinking behind Rank the Films, a regular feature that takes a series of films and breaks them down one by one, ranking them best to worst. 

So far, franchises like Harry Potter, Star Wars and Spider-man have all gone under the microscope - check out the full series of posts here

60 Second Film Reviews

60 Second Film Reviews is another regular feature that strips back a handful of movies into a brief summary -  I include movies in this feature that I've recently checked out on DVD, or haven't previously reviewed from the theatre.

If you're looking for an easily-digestible write-up of a film new to DVD, here's your go-to place. Click here to find past 60 Second Film Reviews posts.

Opinion Column

Voice of Reason is a regular highly irregular opinion column in which I generally waffle about films, TV or anything vaguely in that ballpark. I try to keep things topical and related to current trends in film also. This also leads to tangents like regular musings on topics like upcoming blockbusters like Batman vs Superman and Star Wars

Check out past opinion columns by clicking here: Voice of Reason

Quotes Corner

Quotes Corner is a collection of my favourite quotes - whether its from the lyrical genius of Karl Pilkington or Jennifer Lawrence, every now and again I put together a post of my favourite quotes from a show, character or celebrity. 

Click the link (or image) to view past Quotes Corner posts.

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