Wednesday 3 September 2014

Trailer Talk: Gone Girl + more

Time to talk some trailers! There are some real corkers to have hit the web in recent weeks, so let's have a look at which previews perked my interest. 

This week, we're looking at David Fincher's Gone Girl, and Dan Gilroy's debut directorial effort, Nightcrawler

Gone Girl (October 2014) 

Now this one - this one looks damn good. When I heard that David Fincher was directing an adaptation of Gillian Flynn's much-acclaimed novel Gone Girl I rushed out and bought the book that very day. It sat on my shelf for a couple of months, but one weekend I picked it up and was hooked from the get-go.

For a couple of weeks, every train ride to and from work was consumed by the grimy nastiness of Flynn's excellent crime thriller - I don't often get entranced by a book, but Gone Girl really did it for me. Straight after finishing it, I watched this trailer. And oh boy, what a great choice Fincher was for Flynn's gloomy, hypnotic, twisted novel. With a third act that made me walk home in some sort of shaken trance, I can't wait to see what Fincher can do with the story, actors like Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike and a screenplay written by Flynn herself. 

Anyway, this is a really excellent trailer - the lead duo are perfectly cast, with Pike looking especially captivating as the titular gone girl, 'Amazing' Amy Dunne.  I particularly like the numerous voice-over snippets torn straight from Amy's diary - "I feel like something to be jettisoned if necessary" and "I finally realised I am frightened of my own husband" until the music, dialogue and action all builds to a shattering crescendo - "This man may kill me". Boom, instant chills. 

Roll on October 3rd. 

Nightcrawler (October 2014 in the US - God knows when in Australia)

Jake Gyllenhaal sure is choosing some interesting roles lately - Prisoners, Enemy and now this; Nightcrawler. After watching Denis Villeneuve's brilliant Enemy a few months back, this trailer really made me sit up and take notice. 

Gyllenhaal plays a freelance crime journalist who gets suckered into the grimy underworld of Los Angeles in pursuit of the next big story - or something like that. I imagine this is the kind of film to throw some red herrings and twists into the trailers to throw you off. But after Gyllenhaal's brilliant performances in the aforementioned Villeneuve films of the last 12 months, colour me very interested. He looks like he's dialling the off-the-rails, batshit character dial up to 11 once again. Good stuff indeed.

So what do you guys think of these two upcoming releases? Gone Girl has a lot of buzz around it, and is definitely my most anticipated film for the rest of the year (soz, Interstellar). Let me know in the comments below!


  1. These two look fantastic. i read Gone Girl in 3 days at work (doing not much else :)) and I just fell in love with the book and Flynn's style, I immediately read her other 2 books. Pike is such a fantastic choice and this is just a perfect material for Fincher.

    1. I have Sharp Objects on my shelf right now waiting for when I finish what I'm currently reading - and I agree, I really love Flynn's style also. From the trailers, it looks as though they've really captured the tone of the book. Exciting stuff!

  2. Yeah, I read Gone Girl as well, and am definitely pumped to see what Fincher brings to it. I expect nothing short of greatness from him. B)



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