Thursday 23 October 2014

Trailer Talk: Age of Ultron + more

Time to talk some trailers! Well, one trailer in particular plus another so that I can add the little "+ more" into the title of this post...

But seriously though, we all know which trailer needs to be talked about - it's Avengers: Age of Ultron! Originally scheduled for release next week, Marvel have had to accelerate their plans after the trailer was leaked online early this morning. As they themselves remarked on Twitter, "Damn you, Hydra!"

So, without further ado, let's pick apart Marvel's latest and see what I thought...

Avengers: Age of Ultron (May 2015)

Here it is! The 'big one'. We've been waiting for this trailer for months, ever since it was previewed at SDCC back in July - and boy, did it deliver.

Things start off by introducing us to the titular big bad, Ultron. Voiced by James Spader, his opening dialogue has a hint of Mark Hamill's Joker about it, mixed with some of Tom Hardy's Bane. It's very chilling stuff, suggesting to me that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get its Dark Knight moment and deliver a truly iconic villain that'll stay with people. I hope so, as the last few have been so-so (We're looking at you, Malkeith).

Like any good teaser, we just get glimpses of the overall tone and with minimal plot spoilers - images flash across the screen, from what looks like an ancient monastery, Bruce Banner collapsing to the ground in a snowy forest followed by what looks like a surgery scene? Or torture? Hmm...

"It's the end," Stark says. "The end of the path I started us on." Ominous, and pretty much confirms Stark is the one who causes everything to go tits-up this time around.

And then - the big stuff. We see Tony taking the fight to Banner in his infamous Hulkbuster suit, tearing whichever city they're in a new one, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver showing off their new powers, followed by a glimpse of Andy Serkis (not mo-capping this time), a desolate fleet of container ships and...ballet? Huh?

Then, finally, the trailer wraps with a haunting image - the broken shield of Captain America, and another chilling like from James Spader's Ultron - "Now, I'm free - there are no strings on me". Boom, that's how you do a trailer. Lots to digest, and plenty to get the imagination whirring.

Jupiter Ascending (February 2015)

In other news, there are other films that aren't Avengers coming out next year. One such film is Jupiter Ascending, a full-blown space opera from the Wachowski siblings, who are best known for the Matrix Trilogy and Cloud Atlas

Jupiter Ascending, which was originally pencilled in for August, has been pushed back to the apparent 'grave-yard' slot that is February, distancing itself from other major titles that dominated the last few months *cough* Guardians *cough*

Cynicism aside (the film-makers say they needed more time to polish the VFX), this newest trailer for the film actually looks pretty decent. There are still some elements of the film that I'm not too keen on, but on the whole, we get a better sense of the overall story and universe the film is set in from this trailer.  

I'm still not overly sold on Mila Kunis in the 'world-saving princess' role, and Channing Tatum looks uncomfortable as an intergalactic elf warrior dude, but other than that, Jupiter Ascending looks solid. The visual effects look amazing, and I really love the Flash Gordon/Shakespeare in space vibes coming from the ships and overall design of the film. 

What did you guys think of the Age of Ultron trailer? Sold, or need convincing? Let's get talking trailers in the comments below!


  1. This trailer really has me worried a bit about Age of Ultron. Certainly, it will please the senses, but I don't see much room for the humor that made the first film so great. I mean, the reason Thor sucks is because he isn't funny... at all. Eventually, Captain America will lose his funny, as he fully adjusts to the 21st century, and Tony Stark is at fault, which means he will be on the defensive (potentially funny). Maybe I am overthinking the importance of the humor, but, in a world where The Dark Knight is the greatest superhero movie ever, I need Marvel humor to make me feel better! Just a few thoughts. Please debate! ha

    Also, nothing about Jupiter Ascending is appealing to me! ha

    1. Have faith Tanner - this is Marvel, there'll be plenty of humour! :) The first trailer for IM3 was pretty grim, but that turned out to be the funniest one yet. In any case, if this film is going to be the 'dark' one, I'm happy with that. Age of Ultron is the 11th Marvel film, so audiences are familiar with the characters and care about the stakes - making it all go to shit makes it a lot more dramatic and impactful (which was the main issue with Man of Steel). I'm looking forward to this one purely because it will be dark, and will be a bit more serious. Anyway, that's my thoughts ;)

      Fair enough on the Jupiter Ascending thoughts! It does look a bit flashy/cheesy. Still, I like that kinda thing :)

  2. Avengers trailer looks absolutely fantastic - I'm not worried about the lack of humor, though Avengers, Guardians and Thor are my favorite because of humour - but after so many movies we really care about these characters so it can be very emotional and compelling when the things get dark and Ultron looks like a badass villain, love the use of Pinocchio references! The ballet scene, I think may have to do with Black Widow's past

    1. Exactly! I love that every film isn't going to be light and fluffy, otherwise there's no malice or threat. I'm not worried about there being no humour, I'm sure Whedon will inject his own blend in there - this is the Avengers after all. Thanks for commenting Sati :)

    2. Have you seen the clip released today with the gang trying to pick Thor's hammer? Very funny stuff already.

    3. Exactly :) The (perceived) lack of humour doesn't bother me at all :) The look on Thor's face when Roger's edges the hammer! Priceless.



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