Hi there! If you're on this blog, then you must be a fan of movies (or lost). Let me take a second to catch you up.

My name is Rhys and this here is Feeling Fuzzier, a little blog all about film, streaming, pop culture and whatever tickles my fancy.

I'm a lifelong movie lover. By day I'm a communications and public relations professional, but by night I devote my spare time to watching and writing about all things film.

This blog started as a little side project way back in January 2012. I wanted to develop my writing and chose to do this by blogging about something that captivates me on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis.

I try to blog whenever and wherever I have time (which isn't as often as it used to be...) But so long as I enjoy writing about what I do, I will keep at it. Feedback and comments on posts are a great help for improving on what I write and I always enjoy some of the great comments readers have left in the past (so thank you in advance).

You can follow all my goings-on over on Twitter (@rhyscpascoe), as well as receive updates on new reviews and posts on the Facebook page.

I figure a good thing at this point is to do a little Q&A so here goes...

What are your favourite films?

My favourite film is The Empire Strikes Back. But if I had to pick a top five, the other four would be Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Aliens, Gone Girl and La La Land, in no particular order.

Who would appear on your Mount Rushmore of directors?

Quentin Tarantino, Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, David Fincher. 

You can only take three TV boxsets with you to a desert island – what do you pick?

Breaking Bad, The Office, Community.


  1. Mind if I ask why you don't watch horror films? I'm genuinely curious.

    1. Personally, I just don't 'enjoy' them. I watch and love movies because they entertain and excite me, but on the whole, horror movies only exist to scare people and make them jump. That's probably a horrible generalisation, but if I know I'm not going to enjoy the experience, I steer clear. There are exceptions, I mean, I love movies like Alien (sci-fi horror), Nosferatu and Psycho, but for the most part recent horror films (Sinister, Paranormal Activity, Deliver Us From Evil) don't interest me :)

    2. No, I understand and totally agree!!! Especially since they never seem to have a proper ending. It's always something super lame, like the main character gets rid of the an evil spirit only to find out its now in their significant other(I don't even know, ha).

      However, I do enjoy slasher films!!! Watching people run away from a guy with a knife is fun to me... Well, as long it has like a Scream budget and effort was put behind it.

    3. Yeah, I saw the Woman in Black a few years back and the ending really bummed me out after what had been an awesome movie. Shame! Thanks for commenting (and following!) Modesto!



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